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Speaking Engagements


Dr. John Jaquish is available to speak about bone health, and some select biotechnology advances from his work and research. The following is a selection of speaking engagements over the past few years:


Mediterranean Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine

Impact Emulation and Bone Health

Larnaca, Cyprus, April 2019

Asia-Pacific Congress on Osteoporosis 

Impact Emulation and Bone Health

Sydney, Australia, December 2018

KTLA Morning 

The highest rated morning news show in the Los Angles area

Los Angles, CA, October 2018

A New Approach for Advancing Bone Health.

Bulletproof Radio

Exercise Biohacks To Induce Bone Density and Grow Muscles

San Francisco, CA, August 2017


FOX News -Chicago

News report for Mother's Day

Chicago, IL, May 2015

Son Invents Machine to Help Mom Fight Osteoporosis.

VIDEO (see right)


World Congress on Osteoporosis

Sponsored by the International Osteoporosis Foundation

Milan, Italy, March 2015

Osteogenic Loading and Functional Bone Performance


Good Age

Helsinki, Finland, September 2014

Safe Approaches in Physiotherapy to Impact Level Bone Loading


Age Management Medical Group

Orlando, Florida, April 2014

Clinical application of Axial Bone Loading for Osteogenic Adaptation

VIDEO (click)


Medical Wellness Association Annual Conference

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, March 2012

New Technology that Challenges the “Inevitability” of Osteoporosis


Google HQ Campus, Mountain View, California, USA

Google Tech Talk, November 2010

Bone and Neurological Function in Office Workers





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Jaquish, J. Singh, R. Hynote, E. Conviser, J. (2012). Osteogenic Loading: A New Modality to Facilitate Bone Density Development. Nevada City, California: JIR (Available in english and in Russian) 



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